Professional Staffing Group stands on nearly 20 years of success with helping both dynamic employers and skilled job seekers navigate the ever-changing work environment.

Growing out of a full service legal staffing and search firm, PSG now offers full circle employment solutions to multiple professional and business sectors. Whether it’s placing a star player with a stellar company or crafting cost-saving staffing solutions – PSG makes the difference.

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Know Your Motivation

Identifying Your Motivation

Jane Sanders Waugh, JD – Owner PSG

To figure out what motivates you, you need to get clarity on why you’re doing what you’re doing, what you hope to accomplish, what the risks are, and what you expect the payoffs to be. This is what will keep you centered and focused when you face challenges.

It can be difficult to figure out your motivation, though, especially if you haven’t taken time to boil down to the basics before. There are a lot of things that may motivate… read more

Top 5 Things You Should Never Do At Work

These five blunders can be the most negative, damaging, and irreversible mistakes you can make in your career and professional life.

1. Speak, behave or quit out of rage

We spend more time at work than nearly anywhere else, so it’s normal and even expected that we will experience a wide range of emotions while at work. Unfortunately letting lose on your boss or co-worker will only bring momentary relief—you might think it’s worth it but it simply isn’t worth what it will do to your… read more