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Could “Test Drives” Solve Your Hiring Problems?

Could “Test Drives” Solve Your Hiring Problems?

Here’s the quote that leapt out at me in a recent New York Times story:

“For every three hires, only one was working out,” [Mona] Bijoor said of her company’s first couple of years.”

The story talks about a “new” solution—called “test drives”—that more firms are using to stop the bleeding on turnover and hiring mistakes that hurt the company’s culture and bring productivity to a… read more

Workplace Communication Tip -- Week 6

“Even if you did no other practice, consistently meeting your need for empathy would be life-changing in and of itself,” says Ike Lasater.

What’s Going on for You?

Last week’s tip explored the value of using self-empathy to help you approach a difficult conversation from an intention of connection, rather than defensiveness, anger or pain.

After you’ve given yourself adequate empathy, your attention and focus will likely turn to the other person, and the question… read more