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Five Interview Questions You Need to Ask to Gauge Cultural Fit

Sometimes we only get a glimpse of a candidate during the brief interview process. However, this is a very important aspect of any job interview because it can determine whether or not the candidate is suitable for the available position.

To assist you with making good hiring decisions, we have come up with five interview questions that you absolutely must ask a candidate to gauge if they fit the culture of your company, or not.

Question #1: What Work Environment are You Most… read more

Four Inexpensive Perks to Attract Top Talent

The top workplaces around the globe tend to attract and retain the best employees. Companies that value their employees tend to focus on providing a work environment that is focused on helping them be their best. Oftentimes, this is a concerted effort by the human resource management team to give employees something to look forward to each day at work. Certain perks can be added to the corporate compensation and benefit strategy to accomplish this.

Attracting top talent is a matter of… read more

How to Reduce Turnover of Entry Level Employees

A successful organization has a plan for reducing and preventing unnecessary losses to revenue, including those that come from employee turnover. It’s been estimated that between 20-30 percent of all new hires placed into entry level positions will either move up in the company, or they will leave because of a lack of career satisfaction within the first 2 years of employment. The cost to replace a single employee can be at least half of that employee’s salary. Over time, this can… read more