Professional Staffing Group stands on nearly 20 years of success with helping both dynamic employers and skilled job seekers navigate the ever-changing work environment.

Growing out of a full service legal staffing and search firm, PSG now offers full circle employment solutions to multiple professional and business sectors. Whether it’s placing a star player with a stellar company or crafting cost-saving staffing solutions – PSG makes the difference.

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Why Your Company Needs Top Tier Talent Management

It’s time to rethink the recruiting game. Quality always wins in the battle for top talent, and that means putting greater emphasis on attracting passive candidates – those candidates not seeking your opportunities.

Through serious research, validated science, and tested and proven processes, PSG identifies high-quality hires right from the beginning of the hiring process. Our Professional Search service can help you staff high-level positions that have proved difficult to… read more

10 Strategies for Controlling Costs with Staffing-Week 10

Managing staff is not just about cutting costs. It’s about effectively matching your staffing resources to the challenges and opportunities your business faces. If your staff is operating at peak performance or stretched due to increases in demand, your business may not be in a position to take advantage of growth opportunities. Overworking existing staff is not the answer and could actually backfire.

In this ten-part series, you will learn how PSG can help… read more

Workplace Communication Tip -- Week 16: “Permission to Falter, Please …”

“In most situations, I will increase the likelihood of getting what I want if I ask for it.” - Ike Lasater, Words That Work In Business

“Permission to Falter, Please …”

Last week’s tip talked about your options for practicing NVC with someone in your innermost circle – someone among your intimate relationships who knows you very well. The tip also emphasized the importance of creating an agreement with your practice… read more