Professional Staffing Group stands on nearly 20 years of success with helping both dynamic employers and skilled job seekers navigate the ever-changing work environment.

Growing out of a full service legal staffing and search firm, PSG now offers full circle employment solutions to multiple professional and business sectors. Whether it’s placing a star player with a stellar company or crafting cost-saving staffing solutions – PSG makes the difference.

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The 6 Unwritten Company Rules You Won't Find in the Employee Handbook

The first days at a new job are so exciting even if you’re a nervous wreck; it’s exciting. You meet all the guys and everyone is so friendly. They even invite you out to lunch. Yes, you made the right decision when you said yes to this job.

Like all new hires, you signed a lot of papers that HR put in front of you. You signed an agreement stating you received the employee handbook, and you flipped through a few pages so the HR lady knew you were going to read it… read more

U.S. Small Businesses Boost Hiring in January

Small Business owners have reason to be optimistic for 2016 with hiring on the up tic, as supported in the following Reuter’s report. The survey showed a great percentage of employers are having difficulty finding qualified candidates. Savvy business owners are meeting the talent challenge by partnering with staffing professionals.

-Reuters, February 4, 2016. Read full article here.