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Growing out of a full service legal staffing and search firm, PSG now offers full circle employment solutions to multiple professional and business sectors. Whether it’s placing a star player with a stellar company or crafting cost-saving staffing solutions – PSG makes the difference.

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The 31 Best LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers

Some of you may not have thought much of your LinkedIn profile since you’ve been working. Maybe, you add people and accept requests occasionally, but you haven’t really put much effort into creating a stunning profile since, hey, you have a job, right? Others, might have heard about LinkedIn but haven’t even bothered creating the slimmest of profiles. You need a LinkedIn profile! We can’t stress that enough. (That’s why we put it in bold!)

Tobias Gustafson at The Daily Museread more

3 Tips for Managing Your Least Favorite Employee

Most of the time, managing a team—or even just one person—can be super rewarding. As a manager, you have the opportunity to be a mentor to someone who’s eager to learn, and you’ll probably learn a few things yourself. But, what happens when you’re managing someone who isn’t quite your favorite?

You have a responsibility to mentor and manage every person on your team, whether you like them personally or not. But that doesn’t make the task any easier. I’ve had to… read more